St. Archangel Michael

Dobroslavtsi Village

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The church "St. Archangel Michael", the village of Dobroslavtsi was built in 1775 on the foundations of an old church that was destroyed. It was restored in 1876 and consecrated in 1878. by bishop Miletius during the time of Prince Alexander Dondukov. The throne in the new church is a stone slab on a stone pillar left over from the old church. In 1904 the vestibule with the bell tower was built.

The temple St. Archangel Michael a symbol of the age-old spirituality and religious tradition of our people. With its deep religious significance, the temple became an important center for believers and a place for spiritual renewal and prayer. It attracts visitors from near and far who seek comfort and inspiration in the light of the sacred images. Over the years, the temple has become an inalienable part of the cultural and religious heritage of our community, preserving its importance and significance for future generations.

Reasons to visit

The temple offers a unique opportunity to connect with the spiritual aspects of life:

  • Inner humility and peace
  • Spiritual Power Renewal
  • Sharing religious and cultural values
  • New knowledge and understanding of religious traditions
  • Discovering faith and spiritual growth
  • A place where time can be taken for self-reflection and inner fulfillment


The Church of St. Archangel Michael is located at 52 Dobroslavsko Shose Street, next to 179 "Vasil Levski" Elementary School


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